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News and Testimonials

Emma S
Having suffered numerous miscarriages and sub fertility I not only needed help I also really wanted someone to talk to who would understand. Alison's caring nature made all the difference I was able to relax.

The reflexology combined with the hypno fertility ensured I stayed positive. After only 6 months I was pregnant again and have recently given birth to a baby boy.

With Alison's hypno fertility I was able to relax through the birth. I've met a great friend in Alison who has changed my life.
Sophie Ray and baby Freya
Where do I start? Thank you so much for all your help and support over the past 18 months.

It’s been a long journey. But you somehow managed to keep me hoping and believing-and it finally paid off! We feel truly blessed to have been given Freya she is absolutely perfect!

We also want to thank you for helping us to achieve such a fantastic birth. We feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful experience.

It was all very calm and I managed to deal with the pain. The whole water birth experience was magical especially being able to catch her through my legs! If you can help us get pregnant again- then we’ll definitely be going for a home water birth- and hopefully next time you may be able to be there.

I’ll miss my weekly reflexology sessions- you have a very calming affect on me –but I hope to come back to you when we decide it is time for number 2 - thank you so much again!

Update from Sophie and Ray
Sophie came back for baby number two and continued to keep up her Reflexology/Reiki sessions which I believe attributed to her quick and relatively comfortable and short labours.

And guess what?
It was all so easy Sophie now has baby number three!
Beautiful Daisy came so quickly at home her midwife didn’t make it (and neither did I).

Dad Ray was on hand though and was able to help deliver their gorgeous new daughter. Two very empowered parents!
Sarah and Brian Ebdon
Woooohoo home water birth amazingness! Our second beautiful baby girl born today at noon weighing in at 9lbs 3oz we're all doing amazingly and awaiting name... No stitches and just breathing ;)

HypnoBirthing® n water ace combo!!!!! Husband n doula were so encouraging n midwifes so respectful n totally hands off :) so blessed - thanks for all you taught us to enable this!

Sarah and Brian Ebdon XxX
Louise (Mum) with William, Emily and Dad!
Hi Alison,

We had another amazing birth in September 2011 almost 2 years to the day that William was born. I just practiced the breathing and HypnoBirthing® from your classes again as it was still very fresh in my mind.

I had a very quick labour with just gas and air again and managed to get in the birthing pool this time for about 15 minutes before Emily Charlotte was born!

Not planning any more so been very lucky with both my births. Attached are a couple of pictures of the children. William adores his sister and she is such a calm and happy baby so far.

If you need any testimonials or anything let me know. I do spread the word on HypnoBirthing® where I can!

Louise xx
Hi Alison,

Jessica is 3 months old now and is one if the happiest, most content babies I've ever known. I was telling someone about my birth experience today and I still well up talking about it!

It was the most amazing day of my life.

Thank you so much xxx
Amanda and Mark with baby Chloe
Thank you so much for your care and support throughout our HypnoBirthing® experience.

We know that we benefitted enormously from your sensitivity and your generosity with your time and we are delighted that you could share Chloe's birth with us.

The whole experience has definitely brought Mark and I closer, and strengthened us as a family.

We're now sending positive thoughts to your other HypnoBirthing® Mums and Dads so they can have as amazing a time as we did.
Sophie, Joel & Ava
Hi Alison

We just wanted to let you know our beautiful daughter was born last weekend on 12th August weighing 8lb 11oz.

I was delighted to be able to have a natural HypnoBirthing® experience with only gas and air and our birth plan followed almost exactly as we had hoped. We both feel our HypnoBirthing® course gave us the confidence and skills to deal with the birth of our first baby so calmly and peacefully.

It was also incredibly quick! I was only in labour for 7 hours and just 2 of those in the birth centre! We feel confident we'll be able to do a home birth next time so will definitely be back to you for a refresher if that's the case!

We both just wanted to say thank you for being such a good teacher!

All the best,
Sophie, Joel & Ava
Martin and Vicki and baby Archie
Vicki and Martin chose HypnoBirthing® because they wanted a better birth for their second child.

Archie's birth was more fulfilling for us and less traumatic for him than was the case for Holly where there was induction, waters broken, epidural (didn't work), ventouse x 3 (didn't work), forceps x 2 - leaving Holly with a big headache and scars around her face and top of head.

There was none of this intervention second time with Archie. We are sure that our HypnoBirthing® classes and visualisation practice meant that Vics was calmer and more relaxed during the birth and that we had a hugely better birthing experience as a result. Thank you for all your help and advice!

For me the greatest experience was that Archie's birth was such a positive experience. I said immediately after he was born that I would do it all again, but yet it had taken me two years to get over the trauma and negative feelings I associated with Holly's birth.

This has resulted in a much stronger bond, and I fell in love with my little boy straight away. I am convinced that the HypnoBirthing® classes had a major part to play in this and Archie is a much calmer baby.

Thank you for all your input and teaching. I can honestly say I almost enjoyed my labour and focused throughout on the end result and the wonderful moment of meeting this little chap!
Matt and Misako with baby Luke
On Sunday 25th April 2010, our first baby was born in the front passenger seat of my car on the way to hospital.

I guess it was one of those things that we all hear about but never expect to actually experience.

Everyone we have spoken to since has commented on what an incredibly unlikely thing it was, as it was only 20 minutes after my partner's waters broke that I had delivered (well more like "caught") our baby.

The really amazing thing is that we were both able to stay so calm and collected during the whole event, and I would attribute this in no small part to your excellent support, guidance, training and relaxation techniques. (I was telling the ambulance crew all about it, and even amazed them by showing them the best way to birth the placenta after they had given up!)

So in the end we had no hospital, no drugs and no problems. In fact we were back home with our baby a couple of hours later getting our dinner and phoning the relatives.

What a blessing to have discovered HypnoBirthing®, to have spend time with your good self and to have been able to cope so successfully with the unexpected (truly a tale of mind over matter).

Thank you so very much from all three of us!
Avi and Patricia with baby Gian
Thank you Alison for helping us on our long journey.

Your positive energy, techniques and magic hands helped us to receive the most precious, cutest and lovely baby we could ever wish for.

Your techniques helped us deal with all challenges and ensured we maintained a positive attitude throughout.
We meet people in our lives for a reason and thank God for putting you in our path.

Lots of love and kisses
From Avi, Paty and Gian!
Jonathon and Emily with twins Ben and Joe
Thank you so much Alison for helping us meet our little miracles.

You kept me believing that it was possible and for that I will never repay you, it was such an amazing day when you visited us to finally meet them.

They bring us both so much joy and love, it's like we've known them for so long and now they're here, so thanks again so much for your help and continuing support.

Lots of love, Emily and Jonathon x

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